Releasing new music is like holding in a very long breath and then letting it out really loud. Kind of like that intense person in yoga or on the tennis court that wants everyone to know they are taking things just a little too seriously. So with that, ahhhhhhhh - here is our latest single, "Great Escape" out now everywhere!!



"Doctor Please"

Today we are releasing our newest single, “Doctor Please,” a song that began several years ago and has meant a lot to us both. It's about waiting for news from the doctor, for yourself or for someone you love. Most of us have gone through this in one way or another, and when you are reminded of how fragile life can be, we hope this song brings you some kind of comfort. One of our favorite musical humans, Dan Molad (of Chimney and Lucius), produced the song and we’re so happy to finally be sending it out into the atmosphere.

This is, “Doctor Please.”

- Jim and Sam

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New Song "Underdogs" Out Now

We can't think of a better way to end 2017 and start 2018 than with the release of our new single, "Underdogs" out now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play and everywhere else online.   

This song is dedicated to anyone that is determined to keep following their path with or without the bandwagon cheering them on.  We wrote "Underdogs" with our good friend Will Knox just before our Anywhere Everyday tour began.  We were at lunch talking about how hard it can be to keep the fire going and in the middle of taking a bite of his turkey reuben, Jim said, "lets get out of here and go write a song." We got some to-go boxes, left the restaurant and wrote "Underdogs."  We then finished the lyrics in a barn in upstate New York six months into the tour, recorded in Stockholm with more friends Viktor Balter-Lundin, Anders Pettersson and Magnus Olsson and put the final touches on the song backstage at a theater in Lithuania.  We then played it live for the first time at the very end of our tour...in a barbershop and then at our 365th show.  Here it is, out now on Nettwerk Records! 
"Somewhere between all the pain, magic happens everyday." We promise.
- Jim and Sam
P.S. That's our dog Pico on the right.  Happy New Year.


The Final Show of a 365 Day Tour


I wish we could say that it feels like we just began...but this year has felt like a lifetime. And it was. This past Thursday was the final show...but it doesn't feel over. Just this part. Just the showing up and performing everyday. But everything else will keep going. It's in us now. Thank you for coming along for the ride... making the ride possible...and making this year the best and hardest ride of our lives...making us feel like we weren't insane people...making us feel like we were. Either way. We did it!!! Holy Shit!!! What's strange is now it just feels normal. Anyways...There goes a year. We'll see you all soon. Signing off for a bit. Anywhere Everyday. -jim and sam